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About Me


About Me

Tara Louise is an energy healer and empowerment coach based in NYC. Her own journey has led her to learn how to heal herself from within through the exploration and practice of many different healing modalities. Her varied work and life experience allows her to meet people where they are and move forward with a plan of action in an organic and holistic way. Every session is tailored to meet the individual’s needs with great empathy and compassion. 

Tara has found her own resiliency through abstaining from mind-altering substances since September of 2014. She loves to use her experience as a lifelong actor, writer and filmmaker to inspire people to find their own artistry within. She truly believes that everyone is an artist and a creative practice can add self discipline and self love to a person’s journey. She also brings her years of assisting CEOs to help people with executive functioning.

A passionate energy healer. Tara is certified in Usui Reiki. She has found it tremendously useful in moving blocked energy and trauma out of her own body and loves working with others to do the same.

Tara is a Philly native, has lived in London and Glasgow, but always finds herself returning to her home in NYC. She loves traveling and looks forward to connecting with people from all over the world in this practice.

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Schedule a 15 min discovery call to learn more about my offerings.

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